Another flagship product from Apple Inc. News about Apple’s first VR headset

One of the most reputed multinational technology companies, Apple Inc. is currently working on their first VR headset after the perceived obstacle of the development of the Apple Watch. This will be a major product category with a higher price tag as usual with all other Apple products. There is a plan to release the new augmented reality device in 2022 and it has to compete with the market leader, Facebook’s Oculus and Sony’s Playstation VR set, etc. Like other VR devices, it will create a 3D digital environment for watching videos and gaming.

Typically, Apple look forwards to spend its assets to deliver reliable and easy to use devices like smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, and music players but this time they have shifted into a different segment of the technology world with a different strategy of development with outside developers especially in the development of AR glasses. They expect that this will be a high-end, niche product with respect to the effort that they have put on.

With the highest predicted price tag, Apple stores may sell only a few units per day as per an insider of the company and it will have to compete with the famous Oculus Quest. Apple is always going to use its powerful ingredients to build the product, the CPU and the display unit will have a higher capability in comparison to the rival products. The other special thing with this is, having a fan. To further reduce the device’s weight, Apple is going to use a fabric exterior. That’s a departure from the metal designs Apple uses for many products, though it’s used plastic for devices like AirPods, which require to be light, and fabrics for the HomePod speaker to enhance acoustics.

The prototype of the device includes external cameras that can be used to activate some extra AR features. At the same time, Apple is experimenting on how can enter text input into the device but it will not be guaranteed that the feature may come with the first version of the device. And there is another discussion on bundling the App Store with the device which runs on a different Operating System called “rOS”. Apple’s ultimate target, the AR glasses need small, powerful, and efficient electronics in order to achieve advanced features. That can be achieved if they will deliver a less mainstream device as the first version and as a result of that, they will have the opportunity to develop underlying technologies well to succeed in the ultimate AR glasses.


Originally published at on January 26, 2021.

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