The real engagement between BMW and Honeywell’s H1 for the best supply chain strategy in the era as the first commercial use case in quantum computing.

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One of the most automobile giants, BMW takes a super exciting step into quantum computing which was just theoretical stuff in the recent past. They will work together with Honeywell’s system model H1 to empower the speed and accuracy of strategies in their supply chain to streamline the process. They look forward to finding a solution to choose the right supplier at the right time considering all other factors like price and so on. In classical computing, there are limitations to optimize this kind of solutions. We have heard quantum computing as theoretical pieces of stuff in the recent past and now the time came to leverage problem solving with commercial quantum computers. Julius Marcea, a BMW Group IT chief said,

“We are excited to investigate the transformative potential of quantum computing on the automotive industry and are committed to extending the limits of engineering performance,”

BMW started evaluating this radical emerging technology in 2018 and they have a lot of ideas in which this technology can be used. This supply chain empowering is one of the things in that whole bunch of ideas. BMW currently is working with a startup, Entropica Labs and they are mostly working on software that can be run on quantum computers. The power and the capability of quantum computers can offer, will be unveiled with these experiments. In essence, we can get an idea about when can we get real advantages of quantum computing.

A few quantum properties like superposition, entanglement, and interference are used in quantum computing. Normally, there is only 0 or 1 as the state of the basic unit of information, which is a bit at a time in classical computing but the quantum version of bit, which is a Qubit may be either of those or maybe both 0 and 1 at the same time, which is known as superposition. Nowadays quantum computers have few dozens of Qubits but they can do lots of things than classic computers do. As an example, a quantum computer can perform calculations, especially in simulations and optimizations in just a few minutes, which a classic computer may take billions of years to complete. This is the super excitement behind quantum computing.

Originally published at on January 28, 2021.